Less is More….the husband once again.

Posted: August 23, 2010 in Uncategorized
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As part of  the “vinegar 101” education we dispense here for no charge at “Vinegartart”, one of the most important concepts is to not overdo it. Using vinegar is all about small. If you are adding vinegar to a salad, use a tiny bit first, taste it, then add more if necessary. Dressing a fish or whipping up a vinagrette – same thing, small amount, taste, more if necessary, taste, serve. Have you ever noticed the TV chefs always tasting while they are cooking? – it’s all about the “just right” taste. These experts make adjustments a little bit at a time, and you should too!

The exception. If you are really getting creative and trying wine vinegar or balsamicos on ice cream, overdoing it is easily (and enjoyably) solved by the addition of more ice cream – YUM!

!@#$% not quite right....maybe one more scoop!


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