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Posted: July 18, 2010 in Uncategorized
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As Kim’s partner, I get to see and taste pretty well everything that appears on this blog. Yes, I am spoiled.
I also get to meet almost all who darken our doorstep for a bottle of fine wine vinegar or some good cooking advice. Armed with the education these experiences provide, I thought that I would offer a couple of “tips” for those who are a bit more focused on the basics of what to do with vinegar.
A couple of years ago we hosted a number of food/travel writers from across Canada for a late winter brunch. Not wanting to miss an opportunity, Kim opened up her kitchen and presented a few quick ideas while the writers took notes. I thought everyone knew about this idea but, apparently not.
Tip #1:
When preparing to poach an egg(s) in a saucepan, add about a teaspoon of vinegar to the poaching water. The acidity in the water will keep the whites and yolks from separating from one another, making it easier to lift them from the pan when done and, enhancing the look of your dish when served.

The perfect pair…

The other day I had just finished making a sandwich, scraping the bottom of the mayonnaise jar in the process. As I was about to rinse the jar for recycling, I received another tip from the expert.
Tip #2:
Instead of rinsing the jar with water and recycling, add an appropriate amount of vinegar, give the jar a shake and, voila, a creamy salad dressing is born to enjoy tomorrow! After the salad you can recycle that jar as planned.

Simple Creamy Dressing!

So there you have it. These tips may be “old hat” to you, but you would be surprised in this pre-packaged world the number of people who have never heard of them before! Do you have a “tip” to share? Send it to “the Tipster” and we’ll run with it!


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